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Electric scooter rental
in Georgia

Just get the app, and simplify the distance with us!

scooter PRO

How the app works


Find the nearest scooter on the map

scan QR

Scan the QR code on the steering wheel of the scooter or enter the number manually

End ride

Complete the ride in an approved area

Benefits of using an electric scooter



A new level of freedom of movement around the city – without traffic jams and problems with parking. Start the trip where it is convenient, end the trip where you want. Appreciate your time!


Ecological for the city

Think about the future of our planet and our city. Take care of the beautiful nature and clean air of our country.



Fast and easy registration


Instant unlock with QR code

big zone

Large service rental area


Speed up to 25 km/h

easy to ride

You can handle driving a scooter

light to night

Flashlight for driving in the dark on an unlit road


No need to charge the scooter by yourself


GPS control and detailed trip information


How to rent an scooter?

Install the free toGO GE app for iOS or Android. Go through registration, link a bank card for payment. If the scooter is already near you - just scan the QR code on the steering wheel, or enter the scooter number in the input line in the application.
If there is no scooter nearby, open the app and select the scooter you want to rent on the map. Reach it and read the QR code of the scooter, or enter the scooter number in the input line in the application. It is written under the QR code on the steering wheel or on the scooter itself.
You can take and return a scooter only at city bike parking lots and in certain areas indicated on the map in the app.
The service is available around the clock 24/7.

How to start a ride?

Follow the instructions in the app carefully.
After clicking the "Let's go" button, the availability of money on the bank card will be checked, as well as the first withdrawal at your rate. If everything is in order, the scooter will be unlocked and you can go!

Where can I park the scooter and complete the rental?

Parking zones are displayed on a map in the app. They are marked in green.
You can park in the zones indicated in the application, so that the scooter does not interfere with anyone, and then other users can rent it.

What documents are required for registration?

No documents required. Registration takes just a minute. You need to enter and confirm your e-mail, phone number and link a bank card for payment. That's it, you can take a scooter and ride!

How do I park the scooter and end the rental?

The parking zones are marked in green on the app map. You need to enter the zone and click “End trip”. The app will tell you what to do - follow the app instructions.
The application will ask you to take photos of the place where the scooter is parked, how it is located in the parking lot and a photo confirming that the scooter rental has been completed correctly. This will record the fact that the scooter is in order and the parking is correct.
According to the rules of the service, the absence of photos and improper parking (for example, the scooter is parked in violation of the service rules, interferes with the passage / passage of municipal or city services, services and systems of urban infrastructure, as well as citizens of the city) - a reason for a fine.